Tuesday, February 16, 2010

hillbilly joe scarborough and his happy band of Obama bashers

Well it's been a while since I had enough motivation to address some of the things that really bug me and maybe you as well.

The republikkkons are rolling in their sense of obstructionist successes,with the retirements of many Democratic politicians.Although the decisions of several of these Democratic Politicians bewilder and disgust me,actually I am to some degree,happy to see the possibility of the republikkkon gains.I think one of the untold stories is that the republikkkon constituents,allow these bafoons to regain control of the very economy, they just little mre than a year ago, had in such a state of shambles.However when you look into the last elections and the leaders of their so called movements are,it's easy to connect the dots.republikkkon constituents are the real problem for lack of progress of congress. But soon the blame will be firmly pointed toward the "republikkkons" and no one else.

Before you think,"what's with Icz ? Is he loosing his Democratic credentials ?" No not at all.The republikkkons have been so critical of every move of President Obama,now they will find themselves ,inextricably, in the position of governance.
And the real question is,will "hillbilly joe" scarborough and his happy band of Obama bashers, unleash their vitriol on the unimaginative, do nothing republikkkons.
To address the question about "hillbilly joe",no doubt "that hack" and the rest of the props he has on cam with him,will be relentless in spinning the idea that President Obama will not be helpful enough to the republikkons."hillbilly joe" will always find fault with President Obama,regardless what he does.

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