Wednesday, January 20, 2010

republikkkons and the sorry corporate media

How do you feel about the sorry corporate media? Do you think the media really represents accurate reporting or do you think the sorry corporate media is too involved in punditrocracy? By "punditrocracy" I mean the idea that rather than report news and information,the "mighty media show hosts" are more involved in their intrepertation of current events.My opinion is that the media has gone too far by using their exposure to attempt to be the public brain.
Corporations,including large media corporations,take the public's expectation of hearing actual reporting for granted and employ semi slick front people,called "show hosts" to be their mouth pieces.This is a little bit more than my personal assumption.There are creditable news sources that have done research to substantiate their observations of corporate media selective reporting and biased observations by "mighty media show hosts".

I found proof of my suspicions,regarding corporate "media show hosts", in a great article in Consortium.When you read this article, maybe you might find some reason to employ more scrutiny when you happen to see or hear these corporate media "show hosts".These members of the corporate media "punditocracy" are found on networks such as cnn,cnbc,msnbc,cbs,abc,nbc,fox noise etc..I would not like to leave out radio media either.
May I ,at this point,introduce a very fine source of information, that could very well provide you with a different perspective, other than complete trust in "corporate media" and it's "punditrocracy".

Please have a look at this and if you feel so inspired,offer your observations.I would very much like to know if this effects you as much as it did me.

I sincerely hope that you will find this information informative and possibly provacative. Again,your comments either positive or negative are encouraged. Thank you.

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