Thursday, January 21, 2010

"white pundicrats" comment on President Obama's supposed arrogance

Don't you just love the way,"white pundicrats" look to each other for validation of President Obama's supposed arrogance.These characters never seem to have the most remote idea that they have never been President,but somehow seem to have the most in depth concept of the qualities of a President.

I wonder if it might be more appropriate for them to, at least suggest that "their observations" are this or that, but not these very "modest" all knowing "white pundicrats" they actually make definitive statements.

They nod and ask each other the very same questions,not even once realizing that their experiences are all from the same fundamental backgrounds,those of primarily elitist and protected status situations.Amazing isn't it how being "white and a pundicrat" allows you to make the most astute observations in regard to the "arrogance" of the first President of African decent who has, for the most part led the U.S.A. from the brink of economic disaster.

Now that the country has forgotten where the U.S.A. was merely a year ago,these "white pundits" use their echo chamber to suggest that we the public doesn't need to hear where we were, when this man was elected President.Now they embrace the "republikkkon" party,the very party that just stood there and watched,if not participated,in the ravaging of the U.S.A.'s economy over the last 8 years.Do you think that perhaps these "white pundicrats" feel that if the public was diverted from remembering just what kind of shape this economy was in,a mere year ago,they("white pundicrats") will be absolved for their pathetic votes and reporting of the news.

The "white pundicrats" by no means ,I assume,could ever be, GOD forbid, accused of being "arrogant". How could there even be the most distant realization of arrogance, when you only have "white pundicrats" mimicking each other on every screen on television and every station on the radio.You might be persuaded to think that only "white pundicrats" have the most legitimate answers for everything. But surely that wouldn't lead one to suspect "arrogance" in the ranks of the "white pundicrats".

So,while pondering the "arrogance" of our President Barack Obama,as determined by the league of "white pundicrats",take a minute that maybe,just maybe, the "white punditracy" the "corporate media" echo chamber,might have their own little "arrogant" tendencies.

But that's just an observation from an angry black man who speaks with a somewhat "Negro dialect".

Stay tuned...much more to come..!!!

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